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The South Asian country of India is blessed with basically everything a man could possibly imagine. It is one of the world's rising economic giants and has a billion plus population to back that rising up. But, having said that, without doing trade with other countries, manpower alone isn't good enough for either economic development or sustainability.

To achieve a firm grip on the world's economy, India has recently signed bilateral agreements with many other countries, most of them are developed countries and not third world countries. The history of India and the UK goes way back, and due to a plethora of Indians residing in the UK, its common sense to sign trade deals with the UK.

These trade deals can help in reducing cost to import or export goods between both the countries, and with the UK currently embroiled in the Brexit situation, there is a huge trade gap that they need to cover, and for that purpose, they need countries who can take the EU's place. This is where a trade deal with a giant like India sounds like a no-brainer.

To facilitate trade, there needs to be a firm system in place that interests not only the government trade organizations but also brings private investment into the fray. Various freight forwarding organizations are currently operating in the UK, which supply dedicated UK to India freight services.

These varieties of selections give customers a wide range of preferences to select from and also brings more competition, which means the companies will have to continuously improve and offer customers more benefits in order to maintain their profits, while offering excellent services in the meantime.

We've been in the unwanted situation of choosing the best courier amenity for ourselves, so we didn't want you to face all that hassle and have tried to make this job extremely easy for you. CargoServicetoIndia was designed exactly to help you find the right cargo organization for you when sending courier, parcels, cargo and other freight to India.

Cheapest way to send cargo to India

There are a plethora of cheap ways to deliver cargo but the cheapest method is not always the ideal and most effective option. We are here to give you what you exactly want. We give to you CargoServicetoIndia; the ideal amenity for you to avail for transporting shipments to India from the UK.

If you're in London or Leicester, you're in heaven as we have our offices in the afore-mentioned cities. This means you wouldn't even have to pay for pick-up service, which makes our facility even cheaper. Yes, cargo duty newly imposed by India will be charged on per kg basis but that doesn't change the fact that we are still the best and cheapest place for you in the whole of the UK.

Air Cargo

Air cargo means sending a shipment for delivery by air route. For this purpose, big companies have their own freighter plans, who only carry cargo via air. But, small scale companies either have freighters or are in contact with freighter companies who carry their load to their destinations too.

CargoServicetoIndia uses both freighters and passenger planes to take your shipment to India. The prices we offer for air amenity are very cheap and inexpensive when you see the quality of service being offered for that price.

Sea Cargo

CargoServicetoIndia has a dedicated ocean shipping service as well. We work according to a specific channel to make sure that your cargo reaches its destination very swiftly. Sometimes, when items are sent via sea cargo, they can take more time to deliver due to stoppage by the customs, so the time for sea cargo can take more than the given expected delivery time.

Door to Door Service

Door to Door service means sending cargo from your home to the door of the destination where the item is going to be delivered. Many cargo companies these days are offering dedicated door to door shipping services as it has gained so much popularity due to its advantage of ease of use for the end customer.

Door to Door Shipping To All Areas of India

CargoServicetoIndia has set a new precedent by offering dedicated door to door delivery facilities to all areas of India from all cities, towns and villages of the United Kingdom. Our pick-up service allows us to pick your item from anywhere you want at a very small additional pick-up fee.

All kinds of Parcels, Couriers and Cargo delivered

We have a dedicated shipping amenity to India. We also happen to have the best customer support service, which makes using our services an even better experience. You can get in touch with our team anytime you want to enquire about our door to door amenities to India from the UK.

Door to Door Ideal for smaller Items

If you want to send small items to India from the UK, then our door to door service is the best for you in case you're transporting smaller items from the UK.

Send Bulky Items to India using Door to Door Facility

CargoServicetoIndia provides excellent amenities for bulky items to send to India. Our services are dedicated and very cheap as compared to other cargo services. We guarantee the safety of your items whether they are small or in bulk.

Excess Baggage when Flying to India

If you are flying to India and the airline you're using to travel to India either doesn't allow additional baggage at all or charges a very high amount for it, then you can use an airport to airport dedicated excess baggage amenity to send your cargo to India using CargoServicetoIndia at a very cheap price.

Send Furniture to India

You are moving from the UK back to your home country of India after working for a few years in the UK and you want to send your furniture and other household items back to your Indian home. Well, in that case, CargoServicetoIndia has a dedicated furniture and household item shipping service available for you to send basically any household item to your home in India.

Urgent Letters/Documents Delivery
Want to send a letter or an important to India? Whoa! You've landed at the perfect place for that. CargoServicetoIndia offers amazingly cheap amenities to post your letter or important documents to anywhere in India, and that too at the cheapest rates. It never gets any better than this does it? Just hop off to CargoServicetoIndia to get the most amazing letter or document sending deal.

Items of all shapes and sizes shipped
Ever thought of sending items like a bicycle to India? Well, you can do so via CargoServicetoIndia. We support transporting goods and other stuff of all sizes and shapes, and that too at very competitive market prices for sending freight. Cheap rates with tremendously amazing service is what everyone craves and we give them exactly that.

Parcel Delivery Services Trusted by Thousands
If you were given a long list of cargo services to choose from and you don't know anything about any service, you'll most probably choose one which has a lot of good reviews. That's why you should choose CargoServicetoIndia. We, as a company, have thousands of happy customers who've loved using our services, and we guarantee you'll love our amenities as well.

Packing Advice
So, if you've decided to use our services, there are some things we'd like to advise you regarding the packing of your stuff. Even if you package your stuff yourself, we'll still charge £5 as our handling fee because it is our duty to check all the items, and after we're done checking them, we'll package them in our own packaging, one that is internationally accepted and in which your cargo stays safe and secure from damages.

Where are our offices located?
Our offices are located in London and Leicester. We only have offices situated in these two cities. In London, we have four offices in four different boroughs. We have offices in Wembley, Hayes, Harrow and Southall. You can visit any of our offices as prices are the same in all of them. We also have an office in Leicester, so if you live close to Leicester, you can come to our office directly regarding shipping details or placing an order.

Our Prices
We've set the prices for all our services as extremely low. We've fixed a rate of £3.5/kg for our ocean freight shipping with a weight cap of 30kg. As for our airmail postage, we've set a £5/kg rate with a guaranteed delivery in max 2 weeks in India. This postage of airmail is the quickest service we possess.

Cheaper Than Royal Mail DHL & All Other Courier Services
We're cheaper than the royal mail, DHL, FedEx, UPS and all other services in the world dealing with UK to India consignments. Can you believe that? This is a game changer. We provide as good services as the so called cargo giants, and are considerably cheaper too. It doesn't get better than this if you're someone looking to use a cargo service.

Business Services
If you're a business owner and want some shipments to be made to India, then look no forward than CargoServicetoIndia. We're the leading cargo shipment company to India, and due to our outstanding services, we support bulk shipments like heavy machinery and other daily utensils in bulk. We take care of all the paperwork with the customs, so you don't need to be hassled at all about the customs and other hurdles. We take care of everything ourselves.

Container Shipping
You want to send a truck-load of stuff to India and intend to book a container to send the shipment but the weirdly complex customs procedure drags you away from handling everything yourself. Why do everything yourself when you can get everything done by a dedicated service doing this process for years? It's a no-brainer for sure! CargoServicetoIndia deals with both FCL and LCL container shipment, and the appropriate container shipping can be chosen according to your requirements.

Custom Clearance in India
Let's divide your stuff into two kinds of items; the first is the cargo without electronic items and the second one with electronic items. For the first one, the government will only charge £1/kg extra custom duty and your item will be cleared by the customs. For the second; however, you will have to pay extra, somewhat closer to 60% of the actual value of the item to allow it to pass by the customs. So, custom duty varies accordingly whether the item is an electronic equipment or not.

Restricted Items
We restrict the following items to be sent:
-  Batteries
-  Alcohol
-  Beer
-  Rum
-  Vodka
-  Oils
-  Liquids
-  Lubricants
-  Foods
You should always be wary about what item you're sending. Otherwise, we'll throw any illegal item out ourselves.


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